Exclusive guest house with 10 guest rooms

In order to respect the qualities of the site the luxury guesthouse was envisioned as a low-rise structure blending into the natural landscape. The concept of the building is a contemporary view on the traditional Icelandic house, a hybrid between the turf houses set in a row and the elongated roof of the longhouse. The guestrooms are oriented to specific features in the landscape and consist of two wings connected by the living room / kitchen / dining room area.

The material palette of the building is limited in scope. The warmth of the wood walls and ceilings in combination with the tactile feeling of the volcanic rock walls creates a serene atmosphere with natural materials. The feeling of being in nature is amplified by the locally sourced volcanic rock giving the massive walls a solid aura of protection against the harsh elements outside. Bronze anodized aluminum window frames set into the massive walls provide a rich contrast to the black volcanic rock. The metal roof seems to float above the walls reflecting the sky in hues of grey, white and blue.

Guests enter the building through a secluded entree arriving in the hallway. Immediately they are confronted with a framed view of the mountains on the distant horizon. To the right the living room is the heart of the guesthouse. The living room is situated in such a way that it provides panoramic views of the surroundings. The volcanic rock wall containing the fireplace is flooded with light from above. The adjoining terrace is a place to sit outside catching the sun’s rays on ones face. The living room space is in open connection to the dining room with the common kitchen in between.

The corridors leading to the guestrooms are natural lit. The windows provide a visual connection to the landscape. All bedrooms have views on the surrounding volcanic landscape and mountains in the distance. The ensuite luxury bathroom contains a bath, walk-in shower, washbasins and a toilet. The small dormer in the roof naturally lights up the bathroom. At the end of the corridor guest can enjoy the sauna or the outdoor hot tub with a view on the mountains. The hot tub is situated in such a way between the two wings that the building blocks the prevailing easterly winds.

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